Flocor can trace its roots back to 1850 under the Providence Steam and Gas Pipe Co. name. In 1919, ITT Grinnell acquired the Providence Steam and Gas Pipe Co. as well as General Fire Extinguisher Company and became known as ITT Grinnell. At that time, ITT Grinnell opened up in Canada.

ITT Grinnell was one of North America’s largest manufacturers of iron pipe fittings and pipe hangers. ITT Grinnell had achieved a reputation as the largest installer, manufacturer, and supplier of automatic sprinkler and fire protection and detection systems in North America since the 1880s. By the 1990s, Grinnell was also manufacturing a wide variety of valves, pipes, couplings, fittings, meters, and tubing for flow control (the movement of any type of gas or liquid). In all, Grinnell offered more than 5,000 fire protection products and devices.

Today, as Flocor, a 100% solely owned Canadian Company, we continue to specialize in providing top quality name-brand Pipe, Valve and Fitting ( PVF ) products and services in to the mechanical, fire protection, waterworks, water and wastewater treatment, commercial, mining, institutional and industrial markets.